Security Warning for cn newbies 新來的朋友要注意帳號安全!!


2016-08-16 07:36 GMT


Yesterday I use google to search for some content on Steemit and I clicked one of the steemit page in the search results. Everything looked fine. I can check any information and read posts as well. But when I wanted to upvote someone, a login page popped up and I felt weird as I was logged in 10 mins ago.


All of a sudden I found that the url wasn’t the “…”, rather it showed “…”. How weird is that? So I googled “” it up to realize that it is a MIRROR site of Steemit (which, according to @originate there is no relationship between them). Gosh! I was this close to had entered my “keys”. It is quite a lesson for me so I feel that I have to tell others, especially to many new comers recently at cn community. Pls be very CAREFUL! See the search results? This site has everything that Steemit has.

這時我發現連結的url網址不太一樣,出現的不是…而是… 怎麼回事?所以搜尋一下發現這是個鏡像站(mirror site),根據 @originate 的說法這站跟Steemit.com沒有任何關係。天啊,差一點我就輸入密碼了。所以我想趕緊提醒別人,因為 @originate 已經提早5天前通知英文區了,所以我趕緊來發一篇中文帖,尤其是給新來的朋友提醒一下。千萬小心!看看以下畫面,什麼都有的。

Note01 As @originate had warned about this issue 5 days ago (though I didn’t know), thank him for watching out for us.  

謝謝 @originate 5天前的警告,可惜我沒看到。

Note10 If someone can guide me to a detailed explanation of what those “keys” are (not just description but more on advice of how and when to deal with them), I will be grateful!