Calculate your way into the Steemit ocean ... Steemit世界裡的加減乘除


2016-09-06 09:29 GMT


This post is to share my observation here to all new comers who don’t have time or have not such a profound brain to read the whitepaper. I will use the basic concepts that we learn from our childhood to illustrate some important concepts at Steemit. If you don’t know about these arithmetic, call your elementary school teacher please!


All four basic operations - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division can be associated with some important Steemian concepts that you need to familiarize yourself so you can swim better in this fantastic ocean (without being devoured !? haha…)  here comes the fantastic four:

Addition 加法

Subtraction 減法

Multiplication (the most important concept here!) 乘法,最重要的概念

Division 除法

Anyone is welcome to have your say on this! Steem on!! 歡迎你提供其他的觀察!