A father from Taiwan, thinking ... introducing myself a bit...


2016-07-14 11:09 GMT

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Hi there,

My name is Dean Liu, living in Taipei, capital of Taiwan (台灣) … in case you don’t know, in Asia… in case you misunderstand, not the country with mango rice (although we do have famous mango ice!)… in case you misunderstand the other way, not the people’s republic of China or aka mainland China.

I am married with one baby boy and his name is Ethan - baby boys are angels as well as devils depending on the moods they are at, you will know when you have one. But of course, I love him so much… how can you not? see this picture of him… a spider-baby who is afraid of height… (btw, the city is Kaoshiung, 2nd largest in Taiwan)

I haven’t seen many post around mentioning Taiwan or posted by Taiwanese, so hopefully I can bring more info about Taiwan to the world and the other way around… 

I am the kind of person that have a lot of ideas and thoughts all day but don’t really have the strong will or execution power to make them come true or even prove them wrong… I am hoping that I can just dump my ideas over the net and anyone can use it for free. It would be great but of course people who use it would have to let me know… 

After my son was born, the way I look at the world has changed dramatically - suddenly I care much more about how the world is going to be after like 30 or 50 years time… but given the fast changing technology even accelerate in these couple of years (AI, cheaper robots, VR, cloud computing…), I am really overwhelmed and don’t know how to imagine a world where my boy grows up to be a man with job and life. More recently, I found that fintech isn’t really just “fin”, it could be “everything” because no modern people can live independently - everyone and thus everything are connected - and this new wave of info tech will redefine how the world connected/operated. So, I need to be brave, for my dearest Ethan, and reach out to learn new things that most likely will be his daily life in decades to come.

Well, it gets too serious… let me end this with a recent popular joke here. it goes like this:

Which of the following didn’t happen (in Taiwan)?
A) took a cab and got hit by a jet plane
B) went sea fishing and got sunk by an ultrasonic anti-ship missile
C) stayed home and an attack helicopter smashed your roof
D) the airport became a super big swimming pool

The answer, you might have guessed it, is “none of the above”.
It was really crazy and hard to believe, I know. But I need to remind you that Taiwan is democratic and free so we laugh about ourselves all the time… and that doesn’t mean it’s a bad place, on the contrary, this is a very lovely place to visit and live. Hope you will have the chance to come here and see for yourself soon!

So, hello there, nice to be here and … hello Ethan, this is your father from 2016.